The Special Education department at QISH delivers learning strategies for children with developmental disabilities or learning difficulties who may or may not be able to enrolled in regular schools. The department focuses primarily on children and adolescents with Special Needs.

Our highly experienced and certified special educators create and implement individual educational therapy plans utilizing the various approaches, techniques and strategies based on a child’s strength and learning style. We tailor research- based corrective educational programs for each child, additionally, a carefully implemented Individualized Therapy Plan(ITP) is created and followed. Our special education team is equipped to handle children and adolescent with,


Hyperlexia (above-average decoding skills and below-average reading comprehension)


Mild autism spectrum disorder


Any other learning difficulties/ challenges including children who have no per-requisite skills in reading, reading comprehension, spelling, writing and math skills.

We provide Academic programs for

Phonological Awareness

Reading (word decoding and word recognition)

Reading Comprehension



Expressive Writing

Mathematical Computational Skills

Our Specialities:

Early Literacy Skill Training

Early literacy skills are part of cognitive development. Young children who develop these skills have better chances of succeeding later on at school and carry the skills with them as they grow older.

Educational Therapy- A Specialized Intervention for children with Learning Difficulties

The educational therapy at QISH consists one- to- one intervention for students diagnosed with learning disabilities. Our NILD (National Institute for Learning Disability) educational therapist uses dynamic intervention, uses a variety of techniques. It focuses on core academic skills and higher ordering process to develop higher order processing to think and reason abstractly

Functional Literacy Skills Training

Our special education team develops the functional academic skills primarily focusing on pre-requisite concepts which allow each student to succeed in real-life situations at home and school. The functional academics curriculum includes a range of areas namely:




Skill oriented activities

Activities of daily living

Art and craft

Time and money concepts

The special educators at QISH are trained in using the following educational approaches/programs:

Talkies: visualizing and verbalizing for oral language comprehension and expression

Visualizing and Verbalizing: for reading comprehension and thinking

LiPS: for phoneme sequencing, reading, spelling

Seeing Stars: for phonological and orthographic processing in reading and spelling

On Cloud Nine Math: for math computation skills

Davis Approach for Dyslexia

These programs are research instructional programs that help develop sensory-cognitive functions: the foundation of learning. They help individuals of all ages improve their language processing skills, critical thinking and become more independent.

All of our individualize educational sessions include:

Customized instruction

Adapted methods and materials

Multisensory approach

Behavioral modification techniques


Our Sisterly Concerns

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