Other Focused Therapy Programs:

Buddy Group- Psychology

This program caters to children ages 2 - 13 years old to help them deal with difficulties in self-control, regulate their emotions and anger and to improve social and language skills. This includes interactive games, role play and fun experiments.

Little Artist – Special Education

This is for children who are 4 - 7 years of age and it aims to improve their drawing skills by tracing and drawing basic shapes and figures, coloring skills, and cutting skills by being able to hold and use scissors properly.

I Can Dress by Myself – Occupational Therapy

This service is for kids ages 5 - 8 years old with the aim of teaching the children techniques on how to dress up in an easy way, to handle buttons and zipper, to put on socks and shoes, and to train him/her on how to tie shoelaces.

Play Therapy – Occupational Therapy

This therapy, through play, provides developmentally appropriate means of expression and communication for children. Here, the toys are viewed as the child's words and play as the child's language. This caters to children with challenges in play skills, sensory awareness, communication, cognitive skills, self-expression, social interaction, and movement.

Speech and Language –Group Session

Main focus of this group therapy is to improve kid’s pragmatic language skills. This covers requesting, waiting, turn taking, narration(topic initiation, maintenance and termination), asking and answering questions.

School Visits:

Upon request, a multidisciplinary team will visit schools to assist in adjusting the learning environment of the individual with special abilities on all levels to foster a more inclusionary education.

Specialized Support to Schools:

Training and professional development through practical workshops and regular follow up upon request. Our workshops are tailor-made for the schools depending on their need and QISH’ areas of expertise.

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