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QISH announces extended online therapy service.

Posted on 2021-11-01 09:56:52

QISH is proud to announce the introduction of a full-fledged E- Therapy service (Online Therapy service) to its existing services portfolio.  Our highly qualified therapists have first-hand experience in giving E - therapy service to many bedridden patients who can’t make themself available to avail the direct therapy service in our centres. 

We believe that the services provided to the special need’s community should be without interruption to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment methods and procedures throughout the treatment period to achieve the set therapeutic goals within the time frame. Hence, E- therapy service will help us to support our clients during any difficult situations or crises such as the prevailing Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic. Thus, QISH becomes the first multidisciplinary special needs centre in Qatar to introduce a full-fledged E-therapy service which will also work in synchronization with the E- Clinical Service platform which we will introduce shortly.

Features of E-Clinical Service platform

  • Online access to therapy materials
  • Live video therapy with utmost clarity
  • Two-way access to white board for live assignment sharing
  • Online client file management system
  • Group therapy sessions through video conference
  • Online appointment scheduling privilege for clients
  • Easy online payment option 


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