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QISH cancelled the 2020 Autism walkathon .

Posted on 2020-04-09 00:26:02

Autism is one of the lifelong neurological conditions that manifest during early childhood and its prevalence rate-hiking year by year. World health organization –WHO, observes April 2nd as world autism day every year. Qatar Institute for Speech and Hearing conducts autism awareness walkathon every year in the month of April to spread the awareness about autism

The 2020 autism awareness walkathon https://youtu.be/L0-V7XnkqzY was decided to be held on the 10th of April at Mishereb downtown, Doha Qatar.  This walkathon has been canceled because of coronavirus pandemic in compliance with the preventive measure taken by the Qatar ministry as the safety of people is the priority for QISH.

Over the five years, QISH has been successfully conducting autism awareness walkathon and associated seminars and workshops. The first awareness program was conducted in 2015 in the month of April at MOPH Qatar.

In 2016, the awareness program was conducted by providing free screening and therapy sessions to children with autism. In 2017 QISH autism walkathon was conducted at Katara cultural center, in 2018 it was conducted in Aspire Park and in 2019 it was conducted at Al Bida Park in Qatar. All walkathons were a great success with more than thousands of participants including Sheikh Jassem Bin Tamar Bin Althani (Chairman, QISH) and representatives from Qatar society for rehabilitation. 


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