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Posted on 2020-02-05 01:47:15

As part of observing World Cerebral Palsy Day QISH (Qatar Institute for Speech and Hearing), conducted free awareness camp.

QISH is a multidisciplinary special needs centre providing specialised services over the past 6 years with the aim to enhance the well-being of special needs population in the state of Qatar.

The awareness campaign aimed at giving insights for the parents of cerebral palsy affected children to treat them with utmost love and care. Such kids should be given justice and equal rights which aims towards their social upliftment.

Cerebral Palsy in a neurological disorder which is caused by impairment or damage happened to the parts of the brain that controls movement, balance and posture before, during or soon after birth of a child.

Head of the Physiotherapy Depatment, Mr. Muhammed Hussain answered the questions of the audience and Senior Physiotherapist Ms. Selma Sonia Ben Sassi facilitated the event. 


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