The clinical Psychology department at QISH provides specialized services primarily psycho educational and neuro-psycho rehabilitation, psychological assessment, psychotherapies, diagnosis of mental health problems and their management. We serve people from all walks of life including children, adolescents, adults and old age.

In our department, we provide all kinds of psychological assistance through service by an experienced professional team with acclaimed academic references from renowned institutes.

The professional team comprises of MOPH licensed clinical psychologists with more than 10 years of experience. We believe in bringing a meaningful change in people’s lives through education, counseling, rehabilitation and therapies. We provide a detailed psychological assessment report for all the purposes. Interventions sessions can be 1 on 1.Group Intervention programs are also available.

Psychometry Unit

Aptitude tests

IQ assessment

Achievement assessment

Developmental Screening

Personality assessment

Dyslexia Screening

Behavioral/socio adaptive skill assessment

Memory assessment

Cognitive assessment.

Child Development Unit

Learning Disability Clinic


Advanced Autism Clinic

Child Behaviour Management

Child emotional Management

Social skill buddy programs

Developmental/childhood disorders

Intellectual disabilities/ Cognitive impairment

Early Intervention Programme

Behavioral and emotional disorders of childhood

Adult Mental Health

Marital and relationship problems

Anxiety disorders

Stress and Work-related psychological issues

Disorders of adult personality and behaviour

Mood & affective disorder and somatoform disorders

Eating disorders, sleep disorders

Adolescent Mental Health

Behaviour Management

Anger and Emotional Management

Exam fear desensitisation

Career Guidance

Buddy group sessions

Out Reach Program

Teachers training

Parent training

Awareness programs

Workshops and training

Home Visit

Community-based Rehabilitation

School Visit

Psychological Intervention/Psychotherapies

Cognitive Behavior Therapy


Behavior modification

Supportive psychotherapy

Counseling services

Relaxation therapy

Skill training.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy


Our Sisterly Concerns

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